Cascade Memorial – Low Cost Cremation & Funerals in Bellevue Way, WA

Cascade Memorial provides professional services for families in Bellevue, WA arranging funerals or cremation service. Our attention to detail and commitment to serving your needs ensures a burial that will honor and commemorate your loved one. Our goal is to provide affordable funeral and cremation services so you can honor your loved one with the dignity they deserve.

Comprehensive Funeral Preplanning Services

At Cascade Memorial, we will provide you with a funeral planner who will assist you with all aspects of your funeral preplanning. By arranging funeral preparations ahead of time, you can spare your loved ones the stress and expense associated with arranging your funeral. Our simple and straightforward process allows you to make pre-funeral arrangements that are completely hassle free.

Crematory Services

The option to cremate a loved one is a personal choice, and many families find that this is a simple and dignified way to honor the memory of their loved one. We are pleased to provide direct cremation services for families choosing this option. Our crematory services are provided at an affordable price that will fit well within your budget. We also offer cremation planning and provide burial urns for your loved one’s remains. Cascade Memorial is here for all of your funeral and crematory needs in Bellevue, WA. Whether you are planning a memorial cremation, pre-planned funeral or you need obituaries, we are one of the best mortuaries in the area that can service your requests according to your preferences. Contact us for more information about our services today.