Dr. Peter Remedios
December 27, 1956 - July 1, 2021

Dr. Peter Remedios

Dr. Peter Remedios
Dec 27, 1956 - Jul 1, 2021

Dr. Peter Remedios
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"For God giveth to a man that is good in His sight wisdom, and power, and joy..."
-Proverbs 2:26

Peter Anthony Remedios, MD passed on July 1, 2021 at Swedish Hospital, Seattle. He was a board certified Body Interventional Radiologist and partner with Inland Imaging.

He is survived by his older brother, Kenneth (Judith) and nephews Sam & Luke, Nashville, TN; his sweet sister Linda Sue Remedios, San Jose, CA; and his wife of 28 years, Joy Etienne. Peter's family is scattered across the globe on both sides.

Peter was born in Hong Kong 12/27/56 and sailed into San Francisco harbor as a baby with 4-year-old Kenny and his Shanghai- born father, Guy Remedios and Hong Kong- born mother, Celeste (Sally) Xavier Remedios. He was raised in Dublin, CA and excelled in school graduating co-valedictorian with his best buddy Ed Evans from Dublin High School.

He graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a BA summa cum laude, June, 1978. Peter graduated in June, 1982 from UCSD Medical School, with an Interventional Fellowship in Radiology from LA County/USC Medical Center, June, 1988. He took pride being a "County Cowboy."

Peter was licensed in WA, CA, MT, AZ & TX. He was about to retire as a partner with Inland Imaging; however, Peter started AI Radiology courses during the Covid pandemic. He wanted to advance his specialty during his upcoming "non-retirement." His sights were set on Austin, TX. He wanted to play tennis outside, drive on a dry track, be in a tech hub.

Peter was a patriotic, naturalized citizen. He was Joy's cheerleader, travel agent, expert locator and superb travel partner-detective. His fingerprints are all over 2 blogs titled, "Hunting WWII Gold Star Families" at

A generous man, even in death, Peter donated his corneas to Sightlife.

The Forest Park, IL funeral home invites you to read and share at

A friend observed, "Peter's flamboyance lies in his easy, quiet, wise manner." His dry Bob Newhart sense of humor is missed already.

Joy and Peter celebrated their 28th anniversary on May 30 right before his unexpected illness. Dr. Peter Remedios requested to be laid to rest by Joy's father, Edward Etienne and across from a WWII hero at Forest Home Cemetery, Forest Park, IL.

A special mass was held at St Benedict Catholic Church, Honaunau-Napoopoo, Hawaii.

Mark Twain wrote, "Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see." And Dr. Peter A Remedios was enormously kind.


Randy Baker on Jul 16, 2023

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of Peter. I did not know him well but we shared a few classes at UCSD and he was one person that I shared an orbit with seemingly as we ran into each other often. In our first conversation I asked him if Remedios translated to remedy. He had shared he wanted to be a healer in the medical anthropology course we were in. He smiled like Buddha and said … maybe! That moment became pivots as whenever our paths crossed I said Remedy! To which he’d reply … present. He was always so very present.

Doris Campbell on Nov 15, 2021

Dear Joy, my heart breaks for you. Having read all the tributes, your Peter sounds like a truly special person. I did not know he had passed, back in July yet. I have so enjoyed his emails, the humor and the insight he offered. I will miss them. Perhaps you will step into that mission... Love and prayers, D

Chris Carlson on Aug 12, 2021

Peter was a bright and thoughtful colleague. I got to know him better over the years, and really came to enjoy my time with him. He had an easy-going way about him with a dry sense of humor and was never was never fazed by anything. With time I also got to know his wife Joy who was a delightful counterpart. As a slight aside, he taught me some lessons on real estate and diversification I won't forget. He will be truly missed as a colleague to many of us and I will certainly miss seeing him.

Ed Evans on Aug 6, 2021

I've known Peter since our middle school days back in the late 60s in Dublin, California. We met through our older brothers who were good friends and high school classmates. Peter and I pretty much spent all of our high school years together. Hanging out at each other houses, playing baseball on hot summer afternoons, going on long bike rides and such. Being a kid in the 60s was so much simpler than today. Being able to share those simple and pure days with Peter was truly a blessing. We were each others entertainment and, in some ways, inspiration and encouragement.

Most of you know Peter the doctor. I know Peter the kid. And while I know what a talented and respected doctor he was, that's not how I think of him. Peter will always be the guy who would race around on my motorcycle. He'll always be the thug in the Super 8 movie we made when we were 16. He'll always be one of the co-conspirators who kidnapped my from school my senior year to break my perfect attendance record.

Beyond those memories, Peter was the kid who was so close to his family. He was always good son and a great brother. He and his family were always so welcoming. I still remember the first time I ever went camping is when Peter and his family invited me to join them on the coast for a family campout. He and his family opened up a whole new world to me!
You made a lifelong impact on me, Peter. I will always treasure the years that we were so close. Man, we had some great adventures. You were the perfect friend to grow up with! You were part of our family and I always felt like I was a welcome addition to yours.

Joy, I know you count your blessing for the time you spent with Peter just as I do. We will all miss him but, we'll always carry the fond memories of all the good times and love that we shared.

Laura Bollman on Aug 5, 2021

Laura Bollman
I had the pleasure of working with Peter when he worked in Kona. Words can't express my deepest sympathy to Joy and Peter's family. I learned alot from him and have cherished memories. He had that dry sense of humor and made me laugh when I was having a bad day. He always make everyone feel important no matter what job your did. He will be truly missed.

Ed Evans on Aug 5, 2021

Peter and Me at the 2002 World Series! We had such a great time!

Ivy L on Jul 30, 2021

Dear Joy, it was an honor and happiness to get to know you. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, you will be comforted with cherished memories with your loved Perter who wants to see you are in joy. Peter’s warm spirit and generosity was a joy to all who knew him and he will be deeply missed. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. - Ivy L

Rick Ludwig on Jul 28, 2021

Joy, I enjoyed running into Peter at hockey games when I was there helping Ronald McDonald. He was there for you, you were the fan he said, and his love for you came out so strongly in our brief conversations there. Such a big loss. Rick Ludwig

Chris Maeda on Jul 28, 2021

To Mrs. Joy Etienne and family, I offer my deepest condolences for your loss. Peter will be missed.
-Chris M.

Jennifer Xavier on Jul 27, 2021

Jennifer Xavier on Jul 27, 2021

jade on Jul 23, 2021

Peter was an unforgettable friend and mentor. He gave me advice and helped me learn the ropes at work. He often called to check how I was doing and tell me the latest adventure of the Peter+Joy duo. I will miss those calls.

Peter was unique and had a big heart, always spending time to care for co-workers and patients. He was never too busy - there to listen to whatever you have to say. It won't be the same without him here.

Truly a sweet and caring person, just like his wife Joy. The world needs more people like Peter+Joy. My deepest sympathy and thoughts go out to Joy and Peter's family during this difficult time.


Jennifer Xavier on Jul 20, 2021

Memories of my cousin Peter.

Jennifer Xavier on Jul 20, 2021

Memories of my cousin Peter.

Jennifer Xavier on Jul 20, 2021

Memories of my cousin Peter.

Jennifer Xavier on Jul 20, 2021

Here are some recollections of my cousin Peter Remedios. My father John Xavier was the younger brother of Peter's mother, Sally Remedios.

As a child, my sister Jane and I spent a good part of our childhood at my Auntie Sally and Uncle Guy's home. Linda Sue was the closest in age to us, so we spent our time playing with her while the adults enjoyed long and loud (!) afternoons and evenings playing Mah Jong. We went on camping trips and picnics together over many years.
Peter was a very quiet and studious teen. He was very enthused about his coursework and it was apparent that he enjoyed learning. It impressed me to have such a love of education and I believe seeing both of my cousins' passion for learning impacted me as a young girl.

In 2012, my sister Jane and I took a family trip with my niece Emily (who was 11 years old at the time). We took an Alaska cruise, departing from Seattle. We knew Peter lived up north (we are from SF) and so we reached out to him. We felt it was a long shot, as we hadn't seen Peter in over 20 years and knew he was a busy doctor. So we were quite shocked when Peter cleared his calendar to spend time with us. He took us to lunch and gave us a guided tour of Seattle! He escorted us to and from the cruise ship and the airport. Peter was such a different person compared to the quiet teenager he had been in our childhood. He was animated and had a fantastic dry sense of humor that caught us off guard. It was great to know that he had found a fulfilling life in Seattle. He was so welcoming, talkative, and knowledgable about Seattle. I will always treasure these memories.

Years later, Peter reached out to invite me to see my cousin Linda Sue. I accepted right away. He and Joy said they flew down nearly every other month to check in on his sister. It was on these visits that I witnessed Peter's unfailing devotion to his sister. He always made sure to make her feel special and loved. He took her out shopping for new clothes and treated her to her favorite meals. He held her hand and gave her warm hugs often, reassuring her of his brotherly love. We took Linda Sue to see the Christmas tree light displays and the animals at the local zoo. I also got to see Peter and Joy's deep love for each other. They enjoyed their travels and talked about their visits to World War II memorials with fascination and admiration. Peter and Joy's union was strong and truly moving. My condolences go to Joy in the loss of such a marvelous man, husband, and friend. My heart goes out to brother Kenny (and wife, Judith) as well as sister Linda Sue on this sudden departure. Peter is now resting well in his eternal home.

~ Jennifer Xavier

José & Mauricette Gallego on Jul 17, 2021

Nous aurions aimé le connaitre davantage mais nous avons apprécié chacune de nos rencontres.
Il restera pour toujours dans nos cœurs.

Nous adressons nos sincères condoléances à sa famille.
José & Mauricette Gallego.

Jami R on Jul 15, 2021

>>> I lost a very dear friend today. 😢
>>> We didn’t start out on the right foot together, but we sure ended up that way. I’ll sooo miss your sense of humor, your loving advice, your brilliant mind, and yes your stubbornness too.
>>> I loved how proud you were of me when I bought my new 2014 Mazda CX-5. I had made the perfect choice in your eyes. …and then how disappointed you were of me when I bought my 2020 Honda CRV. “Life’s too short to drive boring cars.” …you said. 🤣

>>> I loved assisting you with biopsies. We were a team. I was a Hallmark girl that sometimes recommended dark TV programs, that’s what you’d tell our patients. …and then you’d chuckle, and then we’d talk about all the great shows, and actors, and actresses, and sports teams, and athletes, and Wimbledon too. There was never a dull moment during all those biopsies. The patients loved how at ease you made them feel. I’m going to miss you, I already do.

>>> In your final days, I learned that life IS short, doesn’t matter if you have a boring car or not, it’s still short. …and more importantly, I learned that we can’t push ourselves past our reserves. We can’t continue taking care of others without first taking care of ourselves. Go RIP now, and please know you were loved and respected. 😇

>>> Dr. Peter Anthony Remedios 12/27/1956 - 7/1/2021 …just 345 days older than me. — Jami R, Seattle

Keith on Jul 15, 2021

Peter was a true car enthusiast, it was a passion that drew him to cars and from there good fortune brought us together. Every Sunday, starting nearly a decade ago, Peter and a random group of Porsche enthusiasts would gather to share our adventures, celebrate our successes, laugh at our mistakes and, of course, talk of our love for all things automotive. Peter was a founding member of that original group, it started off with four and has greatly expanded over the years. He was a consistent, core member, even thru a pandemic that forced us to gather outside in the cold, in the rain, sitting under the eaves in folding chairs, what were we thinking?

There are so many adventures that we shared. Trips for driving events at Pacific Raceways in Kent, The Ridge down in Shelton and Oregon Raceway Park in central Oregon. As a group, we travelled down the coast to multiple RennSport reunions, significant Porsche racing and car events in Monterey. Peter would often travel to other racing events, Formula 1 in Texas and the 24 Hours of Daytona in Florida, always making sure to bring back plenty of pictures, stories and often some surprise souvenir gifts to memorialize his trips. He was both a participant and a coordinator, often arranging for group dinner gatherings or, at the very least, knowing what places to go to and, importantly, what places to stay away from. It was his hallmark to contribute to the events like that, in the background, never making it well known or a big deal but it helped improve the trips for us all. It’s a testament to his quiet nature that he enjoyed seeing his friends benefit from his efforts, perhaps that was enough of an acknowledgement for him?

There are, of course, other things that we enjoyed and will all miss. He was extraordinarily generous, unique really for a “car guy” in that he often would insist that we drive his new toy. That’s a pretty rare trait, there are some that won’t even let others sit in their cars let alone encourage them to take it out or a spin. Peter wasn’t like that, he was so very generous in that respect, he allowed many of us to drive cars that we’d likely never have dreamed of getting the opportunity to experience.

He really cared about others, there are a number of times when he would share his medical expertise with us as we complained about our ever increasing aches and pains. He was known to independently reach out to those that were facing serious health issues and take the time to help them understand and deal with their problems, that’s the kind of things that a true friend does.

10 years of weekly Sunday gatherings seem like a very long time, but when you share it with people that are clearly friends it’s much too short. For that reason, while we will try to laugh and remember all the enjoyable times we had with Peter, we’ll also mourn the fact that it was simply far too short.

Ben on Jul 15, 2021

My predominant impression of Peter is that of the quiet, unexcitable reserved sage, keeping his head while all around, others (Gemini twins Joy and myself in particular) are seemingly losing theirs. He’s the wise Zen master taking everything in from the surrounding hurly-burly of conversation and only entering the discussion with the perfect, incisive and wisely considered question or comment. For those of us old enough to remember the E.F. Hutton brokerage commercials, Peter’s entree into a discussion is like the cocktail party line, “My broker is E.F. Hutton and E.F. Hutton says…” And the room falls silent as every ear is drawn to the Imminent Wisdom. In a world of rampant and overbearing egos and narcissists, self-promoters and self-declared influencers, high-volume carnival barkers and unrelenting ego, Peter quietly exudes the unassuming but unmistakable peaceful wisdom that is all too rare in the modern age.

Peter’s forbearance also manifested itself in my (however inadvertent) hijacking of the affections of Nicholas, the Wonder Samoyed in a different century. Through no ulterior machinations on my part, I was engaged by Joy and Peter to dogsit His White Fuzzy Eminence. Well, with scant regard to the selection, purchase, training and pampering put forth by his Real Parents, Nicholas bonded to me...even though in the early stages of walkies, I had to be instructed in the delicate practices of waiting at curbs and the proper operation of an inside-out baggie. Despite my obviously inferior intellect, Nicholas ordained me His Beloved Sidekick and here we come to the point. In true Zen fashion, Peter and Joy accepted Nick's attachment to me and never exhibited any jealousy over my role as Unintentional Interloper.

Peter's flamboyance lies in his easy, quiet and wise manner.

Ben Elder



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